Julia Barry - Psychotherapist

I care deeply about the work that I do and strongly believe in the healing potential of the therapeutic relationship.  I am direct, grounded, compassionate and committed to working with you to find new ways of approaching patterns and behaviors that keep you feeling stuck in your relationship to yourself, to others and to your life’s purpose.  Choosing a therapist is a decision that takes consideration.  I welcome you to explore how I might support you. – Julia

Portrait of Julia Barry, MFT, for Greater Los Angeles, California

Julia Barry, MFT, SEP

Julia Barry is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner® and Certified EMDRIA practitioner who provides psychotherapy to adult individuals, couples, families and mother/infant pairs. She is committed to supporting clients in the Greater Boston area toward their goals by utilizing psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing®, clinical hypnosis and mindfulness techniques.

Julia specializes in the treatment of single event trauma, complex trauma, dissociation, anxiety, depression, mother/infant bonding, relationship issues, sex and sexuality, and personal growth. Julia has received training in psychodynamic psychotherapy with an emphasis on infant and adult attachment, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy and Somatic Experiencing® (a body-based psychotherapy method for working with trauma). Julia is also an EMDRIA certified practitioner and remains passionate about staying current with the most cutting-edge modalities in the field of trauma treatment. Julia’s practice is LGBTQIA affirmative.

If you are seeking therapy, I regret that I am not accepting new clients at this time, and my waitlist is closed. I’m afraid I am unable to provide specific therapist referrals at this time. You may reference the therapy directories offered by the EMDR International Association, the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, or Somatic Experiencing International.

I am still available to provide personal sessions for credit to students in the Somatic Experiencing professional training and consultation to EMDR practitioners for EMDRIA certification.  Please feel free to reach out to inquire about these services.